Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Four candles

Dear Marc, my daughter’s birthday is coming up. She will be four. Do you remember what you wished for when turning four? Did you wish for:

1. A doctor bag
2. A doll
3. Cinderella – the movie

So far, I think we can check everything off her list. But then she said she wanted to add the following items:

4. A toy stingray
5. A new yellow bowl, not broken mom

When I tell Vanja’s grandmother that she wants a new, unbroken yellow bowl for her fourth birthday I can’t help feeling that we’re talking about the wishes of a Rumanian orphan. And where do you find a toy stingray these days?

My own wish list today is:

1. A baby blanket from Couverture
2. More Ruth Reichl books
3. A toy doll that looks just like my son.

What do you wish for?
I just read a long interview with you.

This is what you said at the end of the interview:
“There are nights when I can’t sleep. I go into a fantasyland and tableau sort of thinking, like, Tonight would be the perfect night to say, ‘Honey, I’m really tired and worried about work. And tell me about your day.’ ”

“Do you think someone will read this and try to get in touch with me?” He looks hopeful. “If I read that about someone, I’d drop him a note.”

It will happen. Someone will read that and drop you a line. Until they do, would you also like a stingray? I also have a yellow bowl to offer, slightly broken.

Big love
from your


Eebs said...

I used to have this, but in gray.

-e said...

Is this toy stingray thing a new trend among you young people? I've never heard about it before. Don't know if I shjould be proud or afraid that my daughter is catching on so early. Will her toy stingray addiction lead to heavier abuse of say stuffed plush sharks?

worried, parental greetings

Anonymous said...

hey, i would just like to say that i think you blog is really cool and i wish i was brave enough to put what i really think on my blog like you do. most of the stuff i put on my blog is stupid but if i said how i really feel i would probably have a lot less friends than i do now. :(

Eebs said...

As far as I know, plush stingrays are not a gateway toy to anything dangerous. I'm not sure WHY I had a stingray... I don't think I know of anyone else who had one. I'm not really a trend follower.

In other words, I think you're safe. ;)

Zep said...

The paradoxical triumph of a lost city boy.