Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In the eye of the beholder

Dear Marc, When making this blog I was wondering what image I should use for my profile. The one I use is OK. But the one that reveals my true nature is probably better. See the picture above? That's my daughter at about 10 months. She's cute. But her true nature is better portrayed in the portrait below.

Ah, the little devil in disguise. See the picture of me sipping tea out of a Zabar's cup, tapping away at the computer. That really happened.

But again, there's an image that is closer to the truth. Here it is.

That's me acting out my longtime fantasy of being a Hildy-like character from "His girl Friday". And that's why this image is worth more. We all want to look pretty, but the truth is richer.

Now I wonder, which picture of you is more true to your character? This dreamy, beautiful fashion man, the Paul Auster of designers, photographed by Dmitri Kasterine:

Or is this more you, happy, preppy geekster on the cat walk?

Curious minds want to know.



Anonymous said...

i declare the 2001 picture of marc jacobs a work of fiction similar to stylish cowboy boots and great Spanish music. i will google your credibility, madame. with all due respect to a hip bloggermom, of course.

Marc Jacobs said...

Dear Emi,

You are the most attractive woman I've ever seen in curlers. But what confounds me is that you didn't make yourself up a little bit more for me---considering that you have an entire blog based on writing letters to me.

Oh, and the kid thing has got to go. Otherwise, let's meet up some time!


Marc Jacobs

-e said...

That is me made up. See why I need your help?

Anonymous said...

My goodness; you are ridiculously attractive. Curlers or no.

sigh9 said...

my Goodness; you are ridiculously attractive, cigarette or no.

sigh9 said...

My Goodness; you are ridiculously attractive, 10 month old baby or no

(akcherly she's 2 years old, I know, I know)

sigh9 said...

my goodness...etc etc repeat until funny...

and can we just assume i posted all of this anonymously? Thank you.

Pinkity said...

You're brilliantly funny! And your kid is cute. And you're cute. Curlers or no... Keep it up!