Friday, November 11, 2005

A simple, but exceptionally clever idea

Dear Marc, now that you've tried your hand at apparel, shoes, accessories, baby wear and candles, isn't it time for you to broaden your perspectives even more? I want to thank you for making the world a more beautiful place. But when I think about what you've done for the common handbag, I can't help thinking about what you could do for the poor man's Sunday dinner. Dear Marc, isn't it time you put your magic to use on pizzas? Or other foods. Food that is a joy to both palate, eye and touch. Finally, even the blind will get a chance to experience the beauty of an embossed sausage.

In January of 2002 Rich had a simple, but exceptionally clever idea: Embossing foods with messages and images. The objective is to enhance the dining experience while providing a unique and effective means to enhance corporate marketing campaigns. The products that perform the embossing are primarily targeted to fast food, restaurant chains, catering companies, and institutional food service. The products also appeal to independent restaurants, and home chefs. Anyone, anywhere, from professional, to the novice (in any language – including Braille), can soon present, serve, or display many foods like never before.

Here's an image for inspiration.
Big love coming your way!

Ps. My daughter saw this picture and said "yum, that looks like a delicious cake". How can she not recognize a pizza? She's going all Siddharta on me. Must expose her to the real world.

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