Monday, November 14, 2005

What was I thinking - Part 1

Dear Marc, this is the first letter in a series. I will show you pictures and perhaps together we can identify what I once thought was an excellent choice of clothing, yet now I have forgotten why.

Exhibit A:

What was I thinking?
This will look great if I ever get invited to a Yellow Submarine party? I will reinvent myself, and my new name is Tuttifrutti? Maybe if I wear this, my life will be more like the Mary Tyler Moore show?

I like this outfit, it makes me so happy, but there doesn't seem to be any occassion as loud as the dress. Perhaps if I'm lucky I can wear it if there's ever a tribute to Carol Channing. Don't you think it would look great on her?

Can you help me please, what was I thinking? Perhaps we can trade, I'll show you mine and you show me your foggiest decisions still hanging in your closet.


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