Saturday, November 12, 2005

Apron of my eye

Dear Marc, do you collect vintage aprons? I wouldn't be surprised if you did. Why wouldn't you, they're often such little marvels of practical beauty. I am an apron aficionado myself. Or should I say apronista? I find them quite pointless, but charming nonetheless. They add style to every cheesy serving of scrambled eggs and links, a je ne sais quoi to ordinary household chores. My favorite kind has apples on it. I have several. I rarely use them, but the love I have for them is strong and true.

And that's why I was so happy to stumble over the mother and daughter team behind Jesse Steele aprons. The daughter, a model and entrepreneur and the mother, a former roofer, got together and created this great line of aprons. I want all of them, but I'm especially interested in a Christmassy fantasy with cherries and bows.

Are you making aprons for the next cooking season? With pockets for eggnog glasses, chocolate and cheese? Please?

I'm trying to look more like a housewife, choosing between Nigella and Bree. Or wait, is Nigella a housewife or just a Domestic Goddess?

Wishful greetings

Attaching a picture of one of my favorite appled aprons. Monkey peek free of charge.

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