Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The saddest song in the world

Dear Marc, what are you doing?
I'm sitting here wondering which lyric is the saddest of all.
People often mention Eleanor Rigby as the hands-down winner of this title, but I beg to differ. I'm rooting for Biz Markie's "Alone Again, Naturally".
You can say this is a modern day take on Gilbert o'Sullivans "Alone Again, Naturally".

Eleanor Rigby's not even in the "Alone Again" league. That's just the Beatles looking at sad people from a distance. Gilbert and Biz, they're writing form a 1st person perspective. And while you may think that Gilbert should win, with all the sad events in his song, I think Biz still takes the price. Cause in the legal aftermath of Markie's song sampling Gilbert, Biz's ingenius song was withdrawn from the album. Nobody beats the Biz in the saddest song competion. He's got my heart in a little (beat) box.

Who's got yours?

curious greetings


rachel said...

'Latter Days' by Over the Rhine is very very sad as well.

Eebs said...

This is my choice sad song:

Eebs said...

Oh, this one too... although it's MUCH better to listen to.

Unless you don't want to be sad.

-e said...

After I'd written that I reaized there are many sadder songs. Really sad songs. Like "Strange fruit". And the whole country genre with prisoners and unwanted babies. But we can't all be perfect. I'll leave it as is, just cause I like to write about Biz Markie, king of the toilet rap. Only on the throne can he be alone. Thankyou for all your sad songs. keep it coming. And do e-mail me if you have any questions. I love e-mail.

Lonnie Bruner said...

It looks like the boy in that picture is drying his eyes on that woman's dress.


Zep said...

Hello -e. Just to be geeky:

kates said...

Some really beautiful songs make me feel sad, even though they have a happy message. The first time I heard the Sundays' song "Summertime" I think I cried because it was so perfect... but I'll keep thinking about the sad songs that are just purely sad. They're out there.

oscarchoy said...

One of the saddest songs I know is "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty. It sits in a place in my soul that I can't even touch, because I first heard it when I was young, and somehow the lyrics seeped into me without me realizing it. Now when I hear it I get this dripping tug in all my organs and have to stop what I'm doing and just listen, mesmerized.