Friday, November 04, 2005

Women of the world, raise your right middle finger

Dear Marc, let me say this to you: to many women you are a motivational force. I know this may sound strange, but fact is that many of us try harder, just to be able to buy our MJ stuff. Shallow, yes, self-gratifying, yes indeed. Just last week, P said to me: "You know Emi, one of the reasons I'm taking this new job is because I was in the Marc Jacobs West Village store the other day and I want to be able to just grab one of his bags without having to think it over if could afford it or not. "

And I could only agree. There are other people who say that they empower us the way you do. Like the diamond monglers. I love the "women of the world, raise your right hand" campaign. It's so seductive - so "I'm doing this for me". Until I think about the thing they're selling. Diamonds. I can live without diamonds. They're not really my thing. Clothes are emotional and dear to me. Diamonds are just other girls best friends.

The other day I was browsing an ad leaflet on skin products. It went something like this: "Time pure & clean and young skin are the perfect combination." And to enforce this message, the ad people had added poor combinations for comparison, like this: "A fancy restaurant and a poor guy are an unpleasant combination." I don't think so. I think the women of the world should be able to pay for their own food. And while we're at it, why not pay for our poor date's food, too, if he's funny and hungry.

What I'm saying is that if you feel down on yourself at times, then think about this: You're a force behind women's movement. You kickstart careers, that may have been put off had it not been for the need to get a perfect new coat. And with our new careers, we also help feed the cute, fun and hungry. It's a win-win situation. Be proud, young man.

In love and work, I remain yours truly

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Anonymous said...

That was sooo cool. I wish I'ed said that.