Wednesday, November 16, 2005

If we ever meet

Dear Marc, remember that story I told you the other day about the nice little lady who was beside herself because she met Robert Redford in real life? Do you have that effect on people too? Is it embarrassing? I mean, what do you do when the other person is blushing and huffing and puffing? Do you just stand there and wait for the emotions to pass? Is it just like it was in "Notting Hill" (a film I often turn to in search for reality)?

If we'll ever meet, this is how I'll look.
-your e.

Ps. I mean the pose, I know I will never look like Scarlett.

Ps 2. Note to potential lawyers reading this. Shame on you for going through Marc's mail! And shame on me! I grabbed this picture off e! but now can't find the link. But thankyou fashion police for making some of the best entertainment on the web.

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