Tuesday, November 08, 2005

We must soport each other

Dear Marc, how do you feel about clowns? This is a big issue for me. I've noticed it's the same kind of crowd splitter as say, the abortion issue. You're either with the pro-clowners or the down-with-clowners.

When you see a grown man laugh when he should be crying, do you enjoy it? If you see him cry when he should be laughing is it better? No. It's just confusing. Clowns scare me.

I don't think it's funny when clowns throw pies in each other faces. I think it's a waste of food. However I did think it was funny when George Bush Sr. puked in the lap of the Japanese Prime minister years ago. Although that too, was in many ways a waste of food. But that was ok. Cause I bet he hadn't rehearsed it.

I don't think professional clowns are funny, but I think professionals acting like clowns are hilarious. Sometimes presidents even make me laugh when I should be crying. I can't help it. To punish myself, I wear these shoes around the house as a reminder of how serious the clown issue is.

Don't miss out on the rest of the stock.
Sale ends December 31st. Everything must go.
Just a friendly tip as I say good night, Mr Jacobs.


ps. As much as I dislike clowns, I still have the utmost respect for well written copy like the following, pushing Clown-So-Port shoes:

After a few hours in ordinary clown shoes, your feet ache and your legs get tired. But Clown-So-Port shoes will keep you feeling great all day. Unlike most clown shoes, there is actually a perfect fitting shoe within the outer "clown" shoe. Correct fitting shoes prevent aching feet, tired legs and sore backs. And there's more. The real secret to Clown-So-Port shoes is their quality design and construction.

Who knew?

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j.chris said...

Your blog is wonderful. It is one of very few things I make a point to see every day. Don't ever stop.