Friday, November 11, 2005

The last time I saw Paris

Dear Marc, what's it like in Paris on a day like today? Is it chaotic, sad, surreal? I remember the last time I was there, and everything was just as wonderful as things could be pre-chrisis for a couple of tourists holding hands in a the big city, oblivious of the miseries boiling in the suburbs.

In my mind, I'm there again, only things are calm in the French capital. I walk around in a "J'aime l'hiver" scarf to celebrate this least liked of seasons. I sip tea at Mariage Freres before sneaking in to Fifi Chachnil for girly lingerie and Paul & Joe simply to touch the silks and tweed I can't afford.

Those are things I did the last time I saw Paris. Until I get there, I'll keep dreaming of another blissful French evening such as the one I shared with my friend Sara, playing favorite French-related songs at a local bar. Whenever l'heure bleue hits, I pull out the playlist and reminisce.



Lonnie Bruner said...

Hey Emi,

I think you are really Parker Posey's little sister. Am I correct?



-e said...

I wish! Oh how I wish it was so.
I thankyou for this HUGE compliment and ask you to join me as we shout AIIIIIIR RAIIIIIIID to all the little freshman bitches.

diane said...

yay! im so glad you have one of my scarves! (my site said some hits came from this way, so i checked it out)...i <3 marc *le sigh*

Sara said...

Hey that's me!
O what a night…


eline said...

you won the battle that night, did i tell you that?

Clare Bensay said...

Did you ever visited Fifi Chachnil online shop ?