Monday, November 14, 2005

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Dear Marc, when you’re stuck in an uncomfortable situation that you have to pull through, what do you do? I reach for the remote, which to many is known only as the most ancient of procrastination rituals. I beg to differ. I find strength through comedy. I charge watching the great epics of our generation. I'm not putting things off, I get ready.

I say this because it has helped me in time of need. There was the birth of our son. Don’t worry, I won’t go into details. I woke up, made coffee, told my boyfriend to get up and then we watched Anchorman, at 6 in the morning. Son Joel Burgundy was born a few hours later. Strength! Through Comedy!

Rewind a few years to another time in my life, when I was seeing someone who was sending me mixed signals. I knew we were heading for disaster, but before meeting eye to eye to speak out on the issue, I had to find strength. I made coffee and watched Fletch, at 6 in the morning. Strength! Through Comedy!

If you know you’re going to have a bad day, the least thing you can do for yourself is to make sure the day starts well. Then you have at least 4% good day out of the bad. Watch the movie twice, and you increase the good percentage to a whopping 8. After that I can’t help you, I suck at math.

What’s your own prescription to cure a shitty/challenging day?
And most importantly, what would Barbra do?

Yours, etc
-Dr Rosenpenis.


Anonymous said...

Usually, I know what kind of day I'm going to have 10 seconds after my alarm has gone off. Armed with that knowledge, I react differently to other drivers while on my way to work. For example, On a potentially bad day, I don't take kindly to people in Civics (I don't know what I have against people driving Civics, it's nothing personal but I despise you! Sorry.) trying to race me/cut me off/do other annoying things. I will often drive wrecklessly enough till I have beated them.

Dangerous? Yes.
Get me killed one day? Maybe.
Relieves stress? Yes...ok No.
Fun? Little bit.

On a potentially good day, I'll be driving along in a peaceful calm mood and some punk kid in a Civic will undoubtedly annoy me with some antic.

Sara T said...

Du ar rolig.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I love Fletch, too! I will adopt this approach as many bad days are on the way over the next six weeks. You may have saved me from a Bad Day Epidemic!

-e said...

They're driving around in palindromes. You don't have to take them seriously! What kind of car are you driving. Am I curious? Yes!

-e said...

obviously, this reply was meant to reach anonymous and his/her reaction to civic-drivers.