Monday, January 01, 2007

Rehash bash.

Dear Marc,
New Year's came and went, it was delightful. I wore a black suit, curly 70's hair and had shoe problems. I wore heels because I like to tower over small children. Especially against a backdrop of fireworks. After 2 hours, the pain was untolerable and I changed to Stan Smiths and shared the other children's height and view.

The food was delicious, the company great. Right now, however, I have a deadline and can't write you like I'd like to. Read this instead. It's from a year ago, but I feel exactly the same and it's new yearsy.


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denise said...

im sorry that u feel this way about new years. i think its a time to think, reconsider,restart.check all the precious things we have in our lives: husband, children, a job, food in the table (so many dont have it, God in the hearth.i wish u a wonderfull year, anyways.


denise from brasil