Thursday, January 11, 2007


Dear Marc, yesterday I found this "Go Sweden" potty.
How many people were involved in thinking it was a great idea?
The designer, the pottery people, the store people who sold it.

They all thought "Let's make and sell a "Go Sweden"-potty".

How does going number one or two help our nation?

cluelessly yours


j said...

But what I don't get is in Sweeden do you go number one and number two in a teacup? And so what do you drink tea out of?

Elizabeth H. said...

I want some!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. I was going to write something about all the potty-related cheering I've done in my life but j's post shut me up.


Moa said...

Oh dear. My parents got this as a wedding gift in 1972, and kept it at least until the early 90s, then I guess my mum tossed it when she cleaned out the storage room. When I was a kid, we used it for things no one knew what they were good for - odd keys, foreign coins, paper clips and so on. Kind of suitable, we never really knew what the potty was good for either.

Agnes said...

Oh my! My best friend My collects those. It's a whole series with mugs and stuff too. Hahaha.

Love the blog, btw