Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Congratulations America

From Sweden to you, an art school prince.
Carl Philip has left Stockholm for New York to study at an undisclosed New York art school
Congratulations students.


Anonymous said...

Americans could give a "hoot" about royalty unless they hobnob with people like Mother Theresa, or alternatively, scandalize the aristocracy. Then we are intrigued enough to read a book or article about it. Canadians may get goo-goo eyed about royals. We just are too wise in the US, we revolted.

Americans look for role models, for good ethics and morals in our favorite people. Americans, though, also love those people who are unfairly treated. Concern for royals, even the deviant ones, is misplaced concern IMO. There are so many people suffering, and I know that those who have a lot, will hardly ever give up their easy life as was once done and wear the sackcloth of today ... which is oftentimes what the rest of us do, having a lot less property and money.

I pray that your boy/man in New York will have a conscience sooner rather than later.


Maria said...

"Americans look for role models, for good ethics and morals in our favorite people. Americans, though, also love those people who are unfairly treated."

... like President Bush?

Anonymous said...

with a president as Bush killing people overseas, only taKing democracy where is petroleum...(coincidence?) why not in african countries? why not in the third world? no interest at all. he didnt care about his own people, his black people, remember new orleans?

usa doesnt have a model to show to the world. countries as dinmark,sweden and other are apointed as the rightest in the world.sorry sharon, you are so blind minded.

-e said...

I find royalty hilarious. So outdated. I love it!

Anonymous said...

"George Herbert Walker Bush has three lines that go back to King Edward I of England. He also is descended from King Henry I and King Henry II, both of England, and William I and Robert II, both of Scotland."

It is hard for me to add anything to that, for English History is not my strength.

Who can laugh at people who are living off of everyone else for no rational reason.

Sharon, in Ohio

-e said...

It seems I can Sharon. At least when it comes to the Swedish Royal Family. It's up to us, the people, to abolish the royal system.

But so far, we haven't. It's hard to understand why.

But their paychecks make no difference to my personal economy.
And they do work hard for the money, regardless of our opinion of their position. They're booked for appearances every day of the year.

The royal family says they'll serve the nation until the people says they shouldn't. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

For all the talk about abolishing the monarchy, people really don't seem to be thinking this all the way thru... Sure, it costs taxpayers money to keep 'em, but this is nothing compared to what they bring in... How many people are drawn to to Sweden just because it's a kingdom?! Consider how much Germans alone spend in Sweden, trying to catch a glimpse of "their" queen.

Länge Leve Konungen!