Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The curse of the multiverse

Dear Marc, I'm sure you're familiar with quantum physics and the idea of one, perhaps an infinite number of parallel universes. I hesitate in writing universes. The one we're in seems sufficient to me. But sure, bring on the multiverse.

I struggle with multiverse. According to some theories, there might be universes identical to ours, where you and I do things differently. In one of them, you have a blog called Letters to Emi Gunér, because you're a copywriter who appreciates my fashion.

With the snow I'm faced with the multiverse again. We haven't changed tires to suit the winter climate. I tried to move the car, it was very difficult. My heart goes out to myself in a parallel universe where I crashed into one neighbors car right after I ran over another neighbors dog. In this universe, I came very close to having those accidents.

Must clean the entire house, potential house sitters are coming to visit tomorrow morning.
Anders is still in France, but on his way home.

In a parallel universe, he's cleaning the house and I'm in France.
Actually, in a parallel universe, it is customary for potential house sitters to clean the house while paying for the owners couple time in France.

A bientot


Anonymous said...

emi, my own universe is enough to me... another one to deal with is too much for my stressed mind...
i wish a good trip to your love and a good business with your house.

love denise

My Marrakech said...

I want to live in that parallel universe, too. I would figure out a stylish means to file all Marc's letters to you. Maybe floor to ceiling bookcases in a snappy color with polka dotted file folders.

j said...

Of course –e, alternate universes are entered through warped passages and you have introduced so many warped passages in this blog that you should have no trouble zipping around in low hyperdrive in an alternate 11 dimensional world safe from neighbor’s dogs or Schrodinger’s cats.