Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eye update

Dear Marc, do you remember my post on corrective eye surgery?
Turns out my eyes are too cone shaped to guarantee a perfect result. My eye doctor tells me so.
Cone shaped? That's not a compliment is it?

My eyes are like pyramids, like vintage Madonna bras, like warning triangles.

Perhaps it runs in the family. In a romantic speech my dad made to my mom on her 60th birthday, he said "Your eyes are like pokers".

I accepted the news of my cones with what little dignity I could find within me.

Then I turned the verdict into a promise: If I can't have surgery, that means I must extend my collection of glasses.

But cash flow is low.
What would you rather spend money on?

These all cost about the same:




Trip to New York

Gift Baskets & Boxes



a.lane said...

Not that my opinion should count for much and I am not sure how much you bike ride or long to visit NYC, BUT i have the kitchenaid artisan mixer and LOVE IT. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I have it in cobalt blue and it makes me smile everytime i bake.
I use it every chance i get.

j said...
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Anonymous said...

Just a note:

The KA Mixer is actully more expensive. It has attachments to buy separately (we have the grinder and the slicer attachments ... but what about a juicer, etc.) So it is really not just the mixer. And, the stuff you make with it necessitates diets and memberships.

Frames need lenses, and, lenses are very affordable, but bifocals are less so especially if they are the newest. And there are the special tests the optometrists now run; o it is not just the frames.

The bicycle, only, is what you see is what you get. Just remember the upkeep every year. But it helps to burn calories. (I'm surprised you didn't put in exercise equipment on your list, as one might do in January.)

The trip to New York. I can't say anything about that. Probably the best idea. Alot of exercise, fun, culture for the mind, and little time to eat.

ET said...

I want the Kitchen Aid. Go the Kitchen Aid

Wide Lawns Subservient Worker said...

I would vote for the Kitchen Aid. I have one. Were there ever a fire in my apartment, I would grab the Kitchen Aid before running out, although it seems hearty enough to survive an inferno and still continue to turn out perfect cookie dough.

But a trip to NY sounds lovely too. I'm having one of those in March. I hope it snows.

Mercy said...

Tough choice...I'd go for either the KitchenAid mixer or the glasses.

jenny said...

kitchen aid AND trip to new york, where you can buy cheap glasses!

~C said...

My rationale says the glasses. They will get you more for your money in the long run. Trip to NY (I know you've been there, done that), Making things in your Kitchenaid Mixer might turn out to be a bad idea. I have a dear friend who gained 20 pds just because. A bike well...I cant say anything bad about the bike, but you wont be using it as often as the glasses. Id like a Beach Cruiser myself (perhaps for my birthday in March)! Marc makes great glasses, but I prefer his sunglasses over his eyeglasses. Eyeglasses...Chanel all the way. Sorry Marc.

j said...
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denise said...

new york is always the best choice...what happens when u get there? i felt like a citizen of the world, not from a specific country... so many races and nationalities in the same place...different, types of foof, stiles to wear...we have italy, china, korea and even america over there...

love Denise

eurobrat said...

Ha, go with the beautiful glasses.

My eyes are the same. I'd like to get the corrective surgery, but at least glasses and contact lenses can be fashionable too :)

ET said...

I am revisting too! J - think of all the great cakes and special desserts that could be made with the Kitchen aid. Very romantic!

Plus as it is such a bright color - no need for the glasses you would be able to see it from across the Kitchen!

Anonymous said...

The frames are alright, if a bit outdated and boring. Why do they have to put their names on the sides, it's so tacky.