Friday, January 19, 2007

What would Jesus wear?

Dear Marc, I’m not a co-shopper, are you? I find it difficult to go shopping with friends. When it comes to friend activities, I’d rather go for long walks or meet up for dinner, lunch, tea or anything else involving food and company.

But for shopping, no. Since I prefer to go shopping in solitude, I can only turn to myself for style advice. As a result, my style hasn’t changed much since the 5th grade. Sometimes, when I’m especially lost, I think ”would x wear this?”, the same way people ask what Jesus would have done.

Various celebrities and friends have played the part of X over the years. Molly Ringwald and Sade were pioneer x:es.

Molly had me dressed in tartan and mesh. Sade inspired a strict ponytail and tight long skirts.

Then, for a long, long, long time, X:s shoes were filled by Lauryn Hill. She was my style icon. No, we don’t look anything alike. Still “would Lauryn Hill wear this” was my mantra, my inner style compass. For instance, I was convinced that Lauryn Hill would wear a combination of green wool pants, green wool turtleneck and a worn jean jacket. And she would definitely choose to match that up with combat boots.

I haven’t seen a pic of Hill in years. I hear she now has 4 kids, so I’m guessing that she knows all there is to know about stylish maternity wear.

My current x’s are Amanda Peet and sometimes Parker Posey. Some days it’s Sofia Coppola, other days it’s Cate Blanchett. When completely lost I get back on track with the help of a young Claudette Colbert.

Who’s your x?

Do you have one?
Curiously yours


ps. What will this mean as I’m getting older? Will I ask myself “would Margaret Thatcher or miss Marple wear this?”


daddylikeyblog said...

I feel exactly the same way--I love to shop alone. It's meditative and soothing. We should go shopping alone together sometime.

ET said...

I always shop alone. I am my best critic. My only advice is don't shop alone, tippsy after an office party - you spend too much.

~C said...

Im a little over the top when I shop. If I say 'would a drag queen wear these shoes?' and the answer is yes, I have to put them down.

Elaine said...

I'm a 'would Zandra Rhodes think this was at little OTT?' kind of older woman shopper. I always shop alone - I like to keep the choice charity shops to myself.

Anonymous said...

I love it, too. I can unashamedly buy expensive items without feeling bad because my friends don't earn as much as I do. Now, that makes me sound like a real bitch, but I'm not, really.

Anonymous said...

Often when I sew, my Mother will say "I had something similar once." I know that you must have had the same experience.

We go to a small shop, Mom and I, when not sewing (my turn!), where the owner caters to her customers: trunk shows, champagne, etc. On New Year's Day, she offers her winter items for 50% off. From her I own sweaters and denim besides my own hand sewn creations from Vogue. A latest purchase was a flared denim skirt, made in the USA! (That detail is hard to come by in the USA.)

Sharon from Ohio