Friday, January 05, 2007


Dear Marc, exactly what is going on in this picture? Is Jane demonstrating the benefits of spray tanning? Is she trying to prove you get the same color no matter what age? Is she saying her hands are as smooth as Lindsay's cleavage?

If you or anyone else has a good explanation, write it in the comments section.
Best entry will be rewarded with a personalized poem and maybe something more.

-e, scribe on demand


Francis S. said...

I think she is trying to prevent Lindsay's mammaries from leaping out and taking a bite of that chocolate cake. Jane wants it all for herself.

denise said...

do u know how mamas are... she doesnt want that lindsay shows up her bobbies...maybe she doesnt know, yet, she is not wearing panties animore...


Denise from brasil

stylophobic said...

Jane tries to pull Lindsay out from camera. 'Oh, LiLo, this is my birthday and my photographer, so p*ss off! there's only one chic on the block... and that's me!'

elaine said...

A Sad Tale of Chocolate Smugglers

Jane does the Melt-Down-and-Smear method wherein the chocolate is applied to a pristine silk blouse and then swirled about in an approximation of paisley. Jane also models the latest in chocolate contraband camo - the choco-wig - look closely gentle reader - that is indeed flaked milk chocolate and chocolate curls.

Lindsay has filled her camisole with the help of Jane - her cleavage is proving problematic. Linds is either waiting for her choco-wig to set - or raising the bar by creating the scaffold for some more Marie Antoinette-like affair using a simple turban.


The gentleman far left is smiling oh so brightly in an attempt to disguise the fact that he is filling his boots with melted chocolate (hence the candles). Hell, even the picture frame and bookcase are constructed from chocolate!

Where will this evil end ......?

Libby said...

Jane attempts to control Lindsay and warns through gritted teeth “No, Lynds, stay back, hold still, and smile for the damn camera! Once we take this picture I promise to release you and then you may put your boobies in the chocolate cake!”

ET said...

As fake tan is flamable, Jane is shielding Lindsay from the naked flames on the cake, thus preventing her decolletage from combusting.