Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In the defense of shopping

Dear Marc, as an international man of fashion, do people ever comment on what you're wearing? Or are you such an authority on the matter that no one dare to say anything, regardless what you’re wearing? Do you test your entourage?

People have no trouble commenting on my dressing.

”Is that a new velvet raspberry beret or a terry toilet seat cover?”


”You look great until one sees your shoes. Go change”.


”That would be a great look. If your goal is to channel LaToya”.

A loved friend of mine is surrounded by other truth sayers. Wearing her new, beautiful, black 60’s A-line dress, she was told she looked like Robin Hood in drag.

Perhaps the reason why I’m interested in your clothes and shoes is because they would offer a refuge from caustic remarks.

I’m not vain or superficial, I’m just asking for a more dignified existence.

Those two last lines are lies I tell myself when I feel like going shopping.

Tell me your lies.



ps. Yes, that top picture is me, in one of those classic female "I have nothing to wear"-moments. When faced with such a situation I often hide my body behind a gnome-shaped silhouette. Notice the desperate expression on my face. It's called "fashion emergency" for a reason.


daddylikeyblog said...

This post made me laugh so hard. I simply must get a gnome-shaped silhouette for myself--such a handy addition to every woman's wardrobe!

Honeybee said...

My favourite excuse for shopping is that I need decent clothes for my job. Then I go and buy the umpteenth pair of jeans. Hmmm.

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