Saturday, September 30, 2006

What's your prescription?

Dear Marc, I see you often wear glasses. I, too, have poor vision, and wear contacts or glasses or I would not survive.

I mean this literally. Born in another century, without the aid of spectacles, I would have fallen into a hole or been eaten by a dangerous beast I never saw coming.

I look younger than my age. I look 12-ish, with wrinkles and graying hair. Hence, I have little professional authority based on my physical appearance. What little I have is made up by props, such as glasses and manly suits.

I look so innocent that customs at LAX once planted drugs on me to test their dogs. I know this sounds like a silly stand up joke, but I'm sitting down, and I'm not even kidding.

I work as a copywriter. See, insecurity seeps in even here, making it impossible for me to state "I am a copywriter", even after having made a living as such for about a decade.

One of my current clients is an eye clinic, specialising in laser vision corrections. I'm doing so much research that I will most likely use the money I earn on this account for, you guessed it, laser vision correction.

Will this mean I have to let go of glasses and lose what little professional authority I have?
Or should I keep the surgery a secret and change my prescription glasses to non-prescription?

What would you do? Are those real glasses you're wearing?

love, etc

ps. To all you ladies lacking in confidence and bossiness, take the first step to an new, empowered you. Buy "Nice girls don't get the corner office" today. Or borrow my copy when I'm done. I'm still a nice girl, though I'm working on it, I'll lend you my copy. Plus a little bit of the dope the dogs couldn't find.


susanna said...

Wow - you are really good with words! I didn't - couldn't - see the photograph if there is one, but I can certainly imagine what you look like from your description. A bit fairy-ish, a little sad looking. Your LAX experience made me laugh although I'm certain that you weren't amused while it was happening. I am picturing you standing on a high pile of suitcases, looking very disheveled and alarmed, while those security guards strain at their leashes to find the "treat" hidden in your sweater pocket. How on earth did you get into that position, anyway??
I hope your laser eye surgery goes well. I say pack away the glasses for a bit and visit a salon for a hair cut and colour. Store away the manly suits and start showing off those legs of yours!

Kit said...

cool blog!

how amazing would it be if m. jacobs read it? sigh. a dream for us all.

daddylikeyblog said...

Dear Emi,
You are so funny. I would greatly appreciate an email with a more detailed account of your LAX experience.

stringbeanjean said...

i followed a link and there you were/here you are.

this is undoubtedly the biggest smile i'll have all day.
so thanks.


Eebs said...

Keep the glasses! I've always wanted glasses but have never needed them, and don't have the discipline to start using ones I don't need. You have a leg up!

~C said...

Glasses are quite the accessory. Dont lose them. Even someone like myself who doesnt need them wears them for fashion at times. Glasses = personality. I mean Marc Jacobs, Andy Warhol, Jackie-O...the list goes on.

helen said...

The right face furniture is a powerful thing. I recently decided my work image needed a little oomph and bought some new glasses. I was nervous, i felt they were a little "out there". Not being 100% plain like i would normally go for. anyway they have changed my life. I get compliments on them all the time. I just got a new job and I'm sure it was because of the glasses. I would get the surgery and go non-prescription for sure.

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