Saturday, September 02, 2006

15 months

Dear Marc,
It's Saturday. I'm sitting downtown at my favourite cafe, thinking about my son, who's most likely thinking about me. We're trying to detox him from his extreme mom dependency. Babies like their moms, but this one's a serious addict, looking for the next mom fix even as he's in my arms. He's going overboard.

As usual, Cary Grant has described this afternoon scenario better than anyone else.

Speaking of his divorce from first wife Virginia Cherrill, Grant said:

My possessiveness brought about the very condition it feared: The loss of her.

He stole the words out of my baby's mouth.

Ps. Yes in that picture, Joel's cleaning the kitchen. Why else have kids? God, I miss him now.


Jagosaurus said...

Aw. He'll figure out that he hasn't lost you soon enough.

I hope the detox goes easy on you both.

the muse said...

This blog is so weird...I love it!

eurobrat said...

I agree that the only reason to have children is for unpaid slave labour :) My mother tells me this all the time.

Your son is beautiful- as is your daughter! Good luck with the 'dependency detox'.

varanen said...

How unbelieeevably well put!
CG was a real man.

I'm away on a trip right now and my wife called and said that our daughter (16 months) heard the elevator door slam out in the hallway at home...she immediately stopped pushing her pram around at break-neck speed pointed at the door and said "papa?".

One word that brings tears to my eyes and a glow to my heart as I look out over the Shanghai skyline from my hotelroom...what I wouldn't give to be back at Gärdet right now.

denise said...

i know how u feel...believe-me...
i travel a lot and stay all the time checking my son, if he slept well, if he ate, if he is driver its so used of my obssession that he points me things that reminds my baby...and i buy it!!! towels, toys, cookies, candies...last trip i bought to him 2 sofas for kids...i fell my hearth hurt when away from him... this detox thing never worked out for me...good luck!!



susanna said...

What a cutiepatootie! Oh dear, my biological clock has started clanging loudly again...