Monday, September 18, 2006

Fashion Fantasy #3

Dear Marc, I've been unfaithful. I've been drooling over the BCBG collection, especially the dress you see here. And the shoes. And the hairdo. It's a perfect interpretation of my Italian soul. See, within me lives Giulia, a sicilian woman who broke free from her family in the late 20's to travel around the world, before falling in love with Mayakovsky. He was still in love with Lili Brik, so nothing happened between us. But my Giulia took notes and cooked for him during the last sick months of the poets life.

There are people who claim that Giulia snapped this picture Of M and friends:

I, Giulia, was only 21 when M died. I mourned him deeply, then took off for France where I became an assistant to Madame Vionnet and took care of her little dolls.

At a party, where I wore that understated yet perfect dress and shoes pictured above, I ran into
an adventurous Italian count. We were swept away in a whirlwind romance and married in Sardinia. I am currently a very old but noble little lady, wearing a grey cardigan, navy dress and sensible shoes. I could tell you stories of the 20th century you'd never believe. So I won't

Gotta go, amore


denise said...

i needed this sip of criativity in my morning...tks.



Linda said...

loved the post, love the blog, love marc jacobs

susanna said...

Love the dress and the shoes, and the story of whirlwind romance and adventure, too.

~C said...

Thanks so much for this. I need a bit of fantasy in my world

jameshkoler said...

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