Saturday, September 09, 2006

Little Friends

Things I've seen today:

A real hedgehog, munching on a big fish.

A brown bear cub, climbing up, way up, a tree. He made that big tree trunk look like a stick. I had no idea bears could be so, well, limber.

Two sister dolls, seemingly looking for a new home. My home.

Radio Days. And since, I've been humming that tune Mia Farrow sings about a laxative.

Get regular with Re-Lax

Get regular with Re-Lax

Start every day the Re-Lax way

Your system will feel so great

You'll want to relax on the top of the Empire State

Get regular with Re-Lax

Start every day the Re-Lax way

When your tummy's not so hot

Remember, "X" marks the spot

Get regular with Re-Lax

The Re-Lax way


Have to go watch another Allen while I'm still awake.

Is Doug Ellin Jewish? I need to know.


J said...

Why so interested in Mr Ellins background?

-e said...

Cause it seems that if I like something, it is created by a New Yorker with a Jewish background. Ruth Reichl, Marc Jacobs, Grace Paley, Singer, name it.

Lukku Cairi said...

You know, I'm going to have the "Re-Lax" jingle in my head for the rest of the evening...

Kevin said...