Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eat my words

Dear Marc, do you cook? Or do you consume nothing but coffee and cigarettes?
I don't cook much, but I read about food all the time.

The Silver Spoon
Cook delicious Italian food. Or have another cup of coffee and enjoy yourself just looking at these pictures and dreaming up impressive meals to serve your loved ones. or dream about the day when they'll cook it up for you. My birthday is coming up (Thursday) and that's what I'm wishing for. I've cunningly presented this book to my bro and his girl, slyly suggesting that they'll come over and cook for me.

Fork it over
Do you ever wonder where the tribe of grumpy Jewish waiters went? The answer to this, and many other important questions are to be found in this book, written by the much awarded professional eater.

Alice B Toklas Cookbook
I've never actually cooked anything from this book. It seems too heavy and complicated, food from long ago, big on cream and eggs. But I love reading about Alice and Gertrude's trips around the French countryside. This book makes it feel like you're in the backseat with them in their little car.

In the footsteps of Agatha Christie
Travel around the British empire without leaving your couch. Travel with the best, travel with Agatha. There's plenty of food wherever the vivacious Christie goes. For example, she never leaves home for a picnic sans her silver champagne beakers. Not that she drank herself, but she liked to indulge her fellow picknickers. Lovely lovely lady.

Somewhat hungry greetings, it's almost lunch


Anonymous said...

You are brilliant.

When is your book out?

-e said...

The day you'll buy it.

Anonymous said...

I'm serious. I can't belive all the bulls*** that is published. You, however, can really write. Which is why you should be published.

Sara said...

...I read in the september issue off I-D that Marc has someone that cooks for him, since his on this speciall diet. He says: "dosen't eat dairy and wheet, sugar, caffeine..almost nothing"

I say...

oatmeal cookies said...

yes! do it... i'll buy it. :P