Thursday, September 07, 2006

Saving money

Dear Marc, you know how you make fabulous knitwear?
Why not make sets with yarn and needles and patterns and sell to us, poor souls who are too hmm, too economically minded to shell out 238 dollars for a sweater we could, in theory, knit ourselves?

You know we'd never finish the darn yarn projects and would most likely end up buying the pre-made sweater in the end, to calm irritated, frustrated knitting incompetent hands.

A win-win for you.

I thought about this last night and how I wanted those boots.

They look so sensible, almost like rubber boots. Buying them would be almost like buying a soap if you didn't have one. So necessary, it bordered on boring.

I thought to myself "It's my birthday tomorrow, I'll give them to myself". So what if they're expensive (570 bucks. Like one year of schooling in the country of your choice), it's my birthday, and they're quality MJ boots. It's an investment in my future. They're important boots. Raise my paycheck boots. Boots with dignity and a down to earthness I haven't seen since Pa Ingalls put on his shitkickers to clean up the stables.

I'll save some money, I thought and returned a bagful of expensive yoga clothes (I'll relax in the dog in my long johns and those boots) and took the bus instead of the taxi to a business lunch. 1/4 of the way there.

My business lunch was serious. I had to dress the part. I put my hair in curlers, dressed up in heels and new coat and hit the street. It was raining so I grabbed an umbrella. I was late, so I ran in the rain while opening the water shield, only to discover it was my daughter's tiny child umbrella with pink flowers and butterflies.

So much for acting the part of a dignified business woman. You try to be taken seriously, rushing through the rain with a kiddie umbrella and make-up on the run.

I thank my lucky stars every day for choosing a profession where I can work from my home and don't have to face people facing me.

Oh, and I went to the store and tried the boots on. There were none in my size. Between the returned clothing, the bus and the boots I won't buy I've saved so much money, this might be my wealthiest birthday ever.

Rich greetings

Attaching a picture of Stockholm's best and brightest.
Stingy penny pincher seated in the middle, proudly displaying free gift presented to her because of important birthday coming up.

In that picture above, you can't see beautiful redhead Kajsa. So here's one more (with added bonus: a close up of Sara's specs tribute to Wes Anderson):


~C said...

Oooooo I love your leopard top! You're so beautiful E.

denise said...

u and yor friends look stuning!!!



susanna said...

Oh my are all supermodels! Surely one of your gals must know Marc personally! Happy Birthday!