Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Britney Baby, one more time, and other news

Dear Marc, did you read that Britney has delivered a second baby boy? Congratulations!
I think Britney shares my shoe problem, as she's always seen in flip flops.
Once again Marc, I implore you, help us!

I threw out my old shoes today, after I bought new Stan Smiths (the I'm too lazy for anything velcro version). My high-topped Kareem Abdul Jabbars were instantly retired. Standing by themselves on the floor of the office, they reminded my co-workers of commercials. Commercials to keep the poor and the needy in mind.

Speaking of which, did you see this article about a poor and needy Italian woman who's stayed indoors for more than two decades? Her hair was 2 meters long! She's a lesson to be learned! Influenza is not that bad. Let some germs into your life today!

For more constructive and fashionable reading than this jumbled mumble, go to daddylikey. Melikey.

Got to go now, small child crying in the next room. I'm with you Britney, are you with me?


daddylikeyblog said...

You da man.

gigi said...

Hi, I just came by to say J'adore your blog, specially your personal pictures and peculiar comments about everyday life. I'm Brazilian living in Japan.