Thursday, September 07, 2006

B-day in pictures

Dear Marc, so the family dinner just wrapped.

The dinner scene (composition and lighting somewhat reminiscent of van gogh's potato eaters. perhaps we are them, in better times)

The visiting chef.

Beautiful creature, giver of great gift - long, red, Burberry sweater.

Beautiful creatures, givers of the gift of life. And givers of vintage cookbooks.

Life giver and wine bringer.

Laugh bringer, cake eater.

Flower smeller.


~C said...

Your pictures always make me jealous. A very beautiful family.

varanen said...

"Laugh bringer, cake eater", can life GET better than that?

I think not. Oh yes sorry, I forgot...of COURSE: "Flower smeller".

Varanen, "awe-reader".

Plus: fresjig ugn i ståhöjd också...mäktigt!

denise said...

a wish u a lot of happiness and peace for u!!happy birthday!!god bless u and your wonderfull family!!



Eebs said...

Happy birthday! (Belated, my apologies.) My birthday was a month ago and I'm still waiting for some forgetful friends to buy me some MJ boots. haha

Jagosaurus said...

Happy Birthday!

susanna said...

Awww...these are photographs that brought a smile to my face. And your captions are perfect.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Claudia (from Brazil)

Anonymous said...

you are tooo funny! Love your blog!
When my own life sucks and there are no boots not only in the right size but more as in not at all ( living on a island are we... )I log on and laugh - thanks!

eurobrat said...

I love the 'flower smeller' picture in particular...

Happy Birthday!

- CFH said...

Grattis i efterskott. Ja, flowersmeller... så fin.

Anonymous said...

these are such beautiful pictures--you do have a beautiful life. i think you have succeeded in finding all the beauty and fun and good things around you. things money can't buy. (i am really not so sappy--just love these last pictures as a sort of "wrap" to the letters thing. so what's next?