Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy New Fear

Dear Marc, what are you doing for New Year's Eve? And what are you wearing?
I hate New Year's. Hate it. When given the option, I prefer to be out of the country. And out of my mind. My best New Year was spent losing and then finding my shoes on a beach in Thailand. I lost and found them about 5 times. Every time as joyous as the first.

My almost worst New Year's was returning to a party at 3 am with blood dripping from an injured knee, filling my pretty left boot. Then I was told the police was on a search for me. I followed that up with telling an already upset boyfriend that I had feelings for another guy. Everything bad that happened that night was my fault. That fact did not make the experience a bit more enjoyable.

Oh, the misery. And as usual, footwear take centre stage in both the good and the ugly stories of my life.

My worst New Year's I can't even tell you about without bursting into tears. A few days later that horrid night, a very regretful "forgive me" letter was sent from this girl to a remote acquaintance. (Man, that word looks funny in writing. Just try to write it with the New Year's first hangover.)

This New Year, I'm playing it safe, I think. But there have been talk about eel gracing the menu. I can't help but to take this as an omen of bad things to come. Did you see the Japanese movie Unagi - The eel?

It does not whet a person's appetite for the fish/dinosaur.

All the same, I'm now in the same situation as millions of people across the world, thinking about what to wear.

I have a few style icons.

1. Audrey

2. Nora

3. Philip Bloch

So New Year's Eve, you know what I'll be wearing. Stripes, a pencil skirt and a thin moustache.
I'll send a picture if you tell me your best and worst New Year's Eve stories.



Agathe said...

Audrey looks so great!

Eebs said...

That was the biggest teaser post I have ever read.