Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lost and found

Dear Marc, I know you're great at bags. I find it hard to pick a bag. I always feel I have to buy the bag of my life. And until I do, I stick to plastic bags and tired, cheap old bags.

When people talk about how important the handbag is to women; I feel I must belong to a third sex. There are bags in the world, but they're not important to me. I prefer big pockets.

Not that I don't need a decent bag. To celebrate Christmas and the new year, I decided to make a fresh start. I emptied my bag on the kitchen table. This is just some of the stuff I found in my bag:

*A folding rule
*One glove with small animals on it
*Baby food
*A plastic goat (might come in handy)
*A rattling egg

*A cookie cutter to make festive, seasonal cookies

* A toothbrush holder. The brush was missing.

* A very small cardigan, belonging to Pippi Longstocking's monkey friend, herr Nilsson

When I got this far, it suddenly became very clear to me that the mess in my bag was not my fault, but the doings of this guy:

Could you recommend a specific bag to hold these treasured belongings?

Good night, love


josefine said...

I think that your little conehead dwarf has a strange friend in my handbag...

Anonymous said...

No comments on this specific post, just a big hug and thanks for your wonderful blog. Used to teach English comp and yours is some of the best I've read - and I read alot during the day.

Were you to require paid subscriptions to your blog, I would be at the head of the line. Very big compliment from a hopeless cheapskate.

Jonas said...

Better keep that dwarf locked up or he´ll start a riot! And excellent postings, by the way.

joy said...

great post...your style of writing is so great. love the little egghead guy!

j.chris said...

priceless. just, priceless.

maria said...

hahaha! I´ve seen that little guy around my bag to. MJ -send E a bag for new years!

Anonymous said...

lol! great post! i found your site via daddylikey...... stop by my blog one day, i'm going to share what's in my purse soon...

sioux said...
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sioux said...

so cute. :)