Sunday, December 04, 2005

Just seal the deal

Dear Marc, have you ever lived in suburbia? I'm moving there in spring, despite the fact that I think I'm a city person. I love the city. I love the service minded spirit of my 7/11. I like walking shoulder to shoulder with people I don't know or even recognize. I appreciate the choice I have to choose between take out and my own cooking. I like what the city life has to offer, like museums, restaurants, cafes, shops and the happy laughter of drunks who have for once forgotten the cold.

I'm moving to a place where none of this exists. Instead I hear there are deer, squirrels and flowers. Which is lovely, I know. So pretty and great for the kids. As we were getting close to sealing the deal, I woke up at 4 am, in a sweat, panicking over our decision. It's such a priviliged person's problem, I know, but I was still stressed out. I waited a few hours and called my brother.

me: I can't do this. I can't move. I'm a social person.

my brother: sure you are. you spend all day socializing. by way of your computer.
can't argue with reason. so we are moving. it will be fine.
speaking of sealing the deal, I told my boyfriend about talking to my brother, calling the conversation a real "seal dealer", to which he replied "how much for this fine, pretty gray seal with its nice layer of fat? do I hear 5 dollars? 10?".

just letting you in on the conversations of my life. what are you and your friends talking about?
let me know, don't leave anything out


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