Thursday, December 15, 2005

The new house

Dear Marc, how do you feel about winter? I'm trying to warm up about it. The season has certain perks. Like feeling in better health than old white men, while at the same time envying their poetic expressions:

It was Lucia here yesterday. It's a big thing here, the festival of St Lucy or whatever you may call her. Like so many other saints, St Lucy would rather die than give up her Christian faith.
Kids dress up in white to portray her faith and innocense, the dress belt is a symbol of her sacrifice and the candles in her hair? We added that for effect. We need more light up here.

Blue plastic socks? Just part of the picture, not tradition.
Vanja loved Lucia. Then we went home and made a gingerbread house. I made most of it while Vanja told Santa's little helpers what she wants for Christmas.

I'm no Martha Stewart. But I like making gingerbread houses. Especially if they feature historic pictures of fish carriers.

This picture is not part of the story. I just wanted to share my new favorite out of A's shirts. Raisin Hell in Los Angeles.

Back to the house. Everyone was there.

The bouncer was nice.

And people were singing.

And telling stories.

There's sugar everywhere. I must clean up and go to bed. Do you bake? Perhaps I could interest you in a homemade gingerbread house? I made my best one at 17, with Madonna, Mickey Rourke and Matt Dillon hanging out of the windows.

I will never be that great again.
Sad-happy greetings from the bakery



denise said...

my dear emi,

i really loved your cake. and the lucy thing, your girl looked fantastic in that outifit (i always think my son looks fantastic, anyways...).its so sad that christmas here is too hot, is summer here in brazil, and i live in the south in a paradise island called florianopolis. to be more apropriate i put some lights in a palm tree this year instead of in a fake pine tree.but our dinner is pretty much like cold wheather (get ready for a heartburn)turkey, greek rice (with raisins), nuts cake, pannetonni etc. i would love to do gingerbread cake to my son, do u have a recipe to share? and how u do to make a gingerbread house? im being too spoiling? sorry, im so enchanted with your culture...

love, Denise

Vinny said...

Dear Emi,

I love reading about your adventures in domesticity--the gingerbread house is just the greatest. Mine will have Tom Jones, The Virgin of Guadalupe and Barak Obama. Thank you for brightening days all over the world. Merry Christmas!

Love from freezing Canada,

Fröken Icke Blogg said...

What a Lovely gingerbread house. Can we see more pictures of the house?

U have an amazing blog =)


-e said...

I want pictures too! From the yule palmtree in Florianapolis (what a great name) and from the Tom Jones-house in Canada! Big love from emi.

-e said...

oh, and thankyou Maria!

erik said...

Dear Emi,

I think you should consider the fact that someone whisked your kids away from you when you weren't looking and replaced them with two adorable snugglebugs. Are all Swedish kids so cute?


-e said...

all kids are cute! except the ugly ones!