Thursday, December 01, 2005

Winter Wonderland

Dear Marc, the virgin snow just hit Stockholm like a cold kiss, leaving the city blushing with frost. I love the day the first snow falls over town. This year, this is how I celebrated the arrival of frozen water falling down on us. First I woke up and had coffee with a side order of various media sources.

Then I took a walk down to my favorite cafe to serve my son some lunch. We were both pleasantly surpriced when we noticed that the waitress had made a happy jam face on the surface of the yoghurt. How thoughtful.

Then I took a walk with my friend Kajsa and her son Olle. We pretended we were walking down a Russian boulevard in an updated version of Anna Karenina.

On our walk out to the beautiful park at Djurgården, we saw this man, further helping that Tolstoy classic come alive. I almost wanted to cry out "Dear God, no reason to overdo it."

Post horse-sighting, I went to pick up my daughter to go buy seasonal cookies.

Munching on cookies, we also passed by our favorite store, Apparat, and talked to the penguins.

That being done, we strolled back home and bought a house. More on this tomorrow. Big love from your own emi, who wonders if the snow has fallen in New York or Paris or wherever you are today .



Sal said...

Great word paintings to go along with the photos

みっちゃん said...

What a picturesque day!

Fröken Icke Blogg said...

What a Lovely day =)
I like your Blog.
Who come You write "to Marc jacob"? The story behind? Have I missed something here..

Fröken Icke Blogg said...

Sorry..- How Come of course...

Chris said...

That's a really nice jam face. More people should anthropormorphise yogurt.

rosesecretlingerie said...

The cookies look very nice!

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