Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Lingering lingerie

Dear Marc, are my babies being served?

Apparently not. I try to keep them in decent clothing, but fail all the time.
I see you have a very cute line for the little ones - Little Marc. Cashmere hoodies and other nice wear for the ones we can't love enough. My kids won't get to wear cashmere. Cause I'll shrink it doing laundry and laundry there will be. In other words, I can't afford Little Marc and am trying to get over it.

Let me tell you what my kids wear instead. My underwear. I know, this will emerge in therapy 20 years from now. But it's by choice, not by my force. Vanja used to love my pretty, colorful Cosabella undies. To the extent that she would wear them as necklaces around the house. Not that I would let anyone see it, ever.

But then one day, I see she's put a Sciaparelli-pink mesh unmentionable on top of her diaper. It looked great. The effect of the pink against the white Pamper was very pretty. Then the phone rang, time flew and all of a sudden we were in a great rush to get to Vanja's kindergarten. Those morning minutes are so much shorter than any other minutes during the day. I dress in a hurry and dress Vanja at the same time and it's not til I get on board the bus to work that the thought hits me "whatever happened to that pink thong"?

And this is the reason why I had to ask the nice ladies at my nursery school the following absurd question: "Excuse me, but did you see my 2-year old wearing a pink thong today"? There was no skirting the issue. If she had been wearing it, I wanted it out in the open. But the nice ladies just laughed and said no. And how I regret ever asking that question. So embarrassing!

But the next day, I found my Cosabella string in Vanja's drawer at kindergarten after all. I guess what I'm trying to say here is: could you please make designer diapers that are more pleasing to the 2-year old eye than her mom's undies? Thankyou.

Did I just ask you to make designer diapers?
Somebody please stop me.

Love by the bucket


denise said...

i dont know where do u get so much imagination to criate situations!!!probably u are in a criative job, as designer, arts, news or something like it, if u arent u are loosing money!!!!

with real admiration, Dr denise

Anonymous said...

your blog really amuses me!
hilsen fra Brasilien!

-e said...

I lose money like crazy. I wish I was more magnetic, making money stick to me.

As for my line of work, it's creative. Sort of. I help sell stuff by adding words to pictures.

Rob D. said...

I'm laughing hard right now. Thanks.