Thursday, December 08, 2005

Archibald Jacobs? Marc Leach?

Dear Marc, can we talk a little bit about your resemblance to Cary Grant? Is this something you get to hear ALL the time? A friend of mine pointed this out (thank you Sara).

Here's the man we all love, and sometimes compare Clooney to:

But perhaps Clooney has nothing to do with it. Perhaps we should really compare this man with Grant?

Do you have a secret past? Were you really born in the UK and started out as a trapeeze artist?
Is your real name Marc Leach?

I always did think Marc Jacobs sounded too good to be true.
Will write more about you and Grant another day. Now must run pick up daughter at nursery school.

Thursday love

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L B said...

Absolutely, hopelessly, stunning blogs! :-) And love the Powerbook.