Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Link lady

Dear Marc, I want to write a long letter, but Joel Burgundy is on the floor, begging for attention.

I just wanted to tell you about some links. I'll make it quick.

Did you see Pandora?
Finally you can make your own Rufus Wainwright/L'il Kim radio channel and share it with us!

While listening to that lovely music, treat your eyes to kittens and baby hedgehogs!

I also wanted to alert your eyes to the pretty art of Boygirlparty. Especially now, since the art is so attractive, it's been stolen off the walls of the gallery! From a show called "Let's share". People always take things too literally!

Now, happier times are had by the people at Hello Lucky! Making greeting cards with knitting monkeys, with the tag line "You shouldn't have". But I'm so glad you did, knitting monkey!

OK, Joel is angry now. Must go. Will write you more, later.


1 comment:

Jess said...

I love reading your blog
You may have seen these sites, but here’s some more pretty art in a similar spirit of boygirlparty:

Kurt Halsey:
He does really soft poignant drawings and paintings. They’re very fresh. The first drawing that comes up isn’t actually that representative of the rest of his stuff so flip through them.

Brendan Monroe (who I thought was Brenda Monroe and kept referring to as a “her” “I love her paintings…” untill my friend finally corrected me)
His work has a wonderful organic quality to it…and involves these cute little people-things. You’ll see….

Hope you like them,