Thursday, December 14, 2006

Working girl chic

Dear Marc, have now found out that my eyes are not fit to be operated upon. Turns out, I have somewhat cone shaped eyes. How about that for alluring facial features!
Alas, I can not have corrective surgery the way I intended. But as I was born and raised an optimist, I try to welcome this information as happy news.

Now, I have all the reason to splurge on a new pair of glasses. I'm looking for a pair of beautiful glasses, perhaps tortoise. Is that the word I'm looking for here? Help me. As often, what I'm aiming for here is the look of a foxy librarian or student. Like Audrey when she's working that bookstore in what movie? Foxy. Or Juliet Roberts in The Pelican Brief. Hours in the library - never spent for nought!

I'm looking for a pair like the one in the above picture, from all working girls favourite paper goods store - Russell and Hazel.

Can you help me find them?
Or do you have a different suggestion?



misshoax said...


how about these from oliver peoples...?

trying to help...

Pauline Joy said...

I love BJORN Eyewear. It's a european chic store based in san francisco.. I really like Model: 4150 in Color: A10.. model 1607 are pretty cute, too.

good luck! i love chic eyeglasses.
i bought a pair of Coach eyeglasses, as a happy birthday treat to myself (in a month not my birthday!). and i love the purple burgandy of it, and the shape. New glasses in lovely colors are definitely a great way to go. I think it would be lovely to get a tortoise shell pair. good luck!

Michelle said...

get some wooden ones

Nora said...

Nothing to do with eyewear, but have you seen Pigeon Marc already?

nat said...

tortoise-shell is the term youre going for, i believe. i love the look in glasses.

next time i get a new pair, i'm going this route:

Anonymous said...

Hallå där!

Du hittade ju de snyggaste häromdagen. Posta en bild på dig själv i dem snälla.