Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Top 3 ways to stop your shopping demon

Dear Marc, do you ever have to calm down your drive to spend? Do you find yourself falling so in love with fabrics, cuts and color that you just have to have something, even if you can't afford it, even if your rent's due, even if you know you'll have to borrow money to do so and it might be embarrassing because same thing happened last month?

That may not be you these days. But maybe it was you, a few years ago, before your own brands, before your stint at Perry Ellis, before all that, when you were just a student like the rest of us have been.

Did you have any tricks to stop your spending?
I have a vivid imagination. I find it very easy, too easy, to dream up situations where I don't just want, but need certain clothes.

But with so many beautiful things to lust for, one has to defend one's vallet.

My top 3 kill joy things to tell myself to stop myelf from making a purchase are the following (use as needed)

1. If it cost $19.99 at H&M, would you still crave this so?

2. Honestly, what will this look like after you've worn it for 100 days and washed it almost as many?

3. You know you'll probably get pregnant again within a year and then you can't wear it for another 2 years. And when you do, there will be babyfood on it. Do you still crave it? If the answer to all three questions is "Yes", then I have the right to buy it.

Shopping. It's all about making it through your inner assault course.


ps. Try not to buy the dress here.


misshoax said...

those are all very good ways to curb the spending. #3 hasn't happened (as of yet), perhaps that too will be used to thwart my spending in a couple of years or so.

Anonymous said...

ow about this: I don't have that much money, not even for the sale prices.

Host said...

the preganancy thing is particularly striking

~C said...

I thought of you today making a plaid MJ bag purchase. There was an adorable MJ brooch next to the bag for sale. I wanted to buy it for you, but had to tell myself that you probably dont accept gifts from strangers. If you change your mind, let me know! :)

-e said...

~C, you're not a stranger to me. Besides, only children and very young women should not accept gifts from strangers. We elderly must take our chances whenever we can. I'd be so happy to accept, but only if you'd accept something in return. love

Colleen said...

Concerning the blue dress with red trim? The fact that there were TWO of those dresses for sale made me laugh out loud!

~C said...

I went back for the brooch, but it was gone. :( I really wanted to get it for you. I promise there will be presents in the future. I did buy this MJ bag tonight though...Might be the largest handbag EVER! Called the "Surely Shopper"