Friday, December 29, 2006

Funny or sexy - you decide! 2

Dear Marc, how about this little thing from Jovovich-Hawk!
I think it's funny, but perhaps you find it sexy?
At €179.84, it's almost expensive enough to stop me from wondering what to do when nature calls. Perhaps a small catheter is included, free of charge.

I like Jovovich Hawk.
But this item I shall pass on.



Ida said...

Alltså, jag kan tänka hur jag skulle se ut i den, haha, inte sexig nånstans. :D Horribelt! Fast det skulle vara roligt att pröva en för att få se resultatet.

jenny said...

sexy to someone who is not funny.

Lay said...

Funny. Definately funny.

Mercy said...

What the heck would one wear that with??

Lola is Beauty said...

I hope it's thermal

三重古天樂 said...