Monday, December 18, 2006

A mother's love and all that

Dear Marc, since I'm going to London, I'm preparing my favorite way, reading up on museums to visit. One of my all time favorites, the V & A, has a museum within the museum, called the Museum of Childhood.

The Museum of Childhood houses a Children's costume collection and that's where I found the lovely dress above.

This dress was made for a little girl called Jane by her mother in 1944. Jane had received a surprise invitation to a children's party, but she didn't have a dress she could wear. Parties did not happen very often by this stage of World War Two. There were shortages of food, and many children were separated from their friends and families because they had been moved to safer areas. Party dresses were also hard to come by because they cost a lot of money and Jane's mother would have had to use up many rationing coupons to buy one.

The night before the party, when Jane had gone to bed, her mother got out her sewing kit and every scrap of spare fabric she could find. She sat up all night cutting and stitching, and in the morning, there was Jane's new party dress - cleverly made out of a patchwork of all the pieces.

If it took Jane's gifted mom a night to make the dress, do you think this skill-less mom could make one in a year? If I start tomorrow?


Ps. One night? Is it really possible?


Anonymous said...

perhaps she was a semstress? ; )

it´s really a beautiful little frock.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress and supersweet story! I want something patchwork-patterned for Christmas, now...

Svante said...

Great story!

Kat said...

Adorable dress and story.

Somehow it makes me think that if I did something like that for my 13 yo...she'd get up in the morning and say (read: whine), "Awww Mom...NO ONE wears patchwork anymore!"