Sunday, December 24, 2006

To Russia, with love

Dear Marc, I'm just back from 33 hours in Russia. I've just finished listening to my Anna Karenina audiobook and I have that empty feeling you have when you've finished a book you don't want to end. In this case, 33 hours might seem like it almost didn't.

It's such a great soap. With a mix of infidelity, intrigues, death, existentialism, romance and fashion. It deals with problems we still have, and some that are lost in history. Like being a little embarrassed cause your horses don't match each other when you take your caleche downtown. It never gets old.

His wife (top left) is my hero. Another day I will tell you why. Right now must go read Patricia Volk's Stuffed. It's Christmas. All I want to do is read, eat, and read about food.



misshoax said...

33 hours in russia. that beats my 36 hours in vancouver. it begs the question... what were you doing?

Vinny said...

Merry Christmas, Emi!

daddylikeyblog said...

Merry Christmas Emi! Thank you so much for all the kind words, support, and Vogue mentions over these past few months. I'm very glad to know you.

Style Scout said...

On your reccomendation I also bought from Audible assuming that it would be sort of funny because you are...I'm a little disapointed.

Meanwhile Happy New Year and we await your comming to live in UK

All the best Robert

-e said...

I can not interpret this in any other way than that you prefer me to Tolstoy. You can not understand what an immense and impossible compliment this is to me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

If you want to laugh as you read, I recommend David Sedaris. I will NEVER be that funny. he is a genious.

For instant joy, read "nuit of the living dead" from david's book "dress your family in curduroy and denim". skitsnack

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