Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lost: Christmas

Dear Marc, I've lost Christmas, have you seen it? I'm serious, I can't find it. I had all our Christmas stuff in a box that got lost in our move to the house.

I'll have to decorate with other stuff. I'll hang my I-can't-afford-Roland-Mouret dress on a hanger in the living room next to my leopard I-kinda-feel-like-Gwen-Stefani-in-this-outfit. I'll put my new boots by the fire as stockings and instead of a creche, I'll arrange all my credit cards in a barnlike manner. I'll dress Joel up as a tree and we'll dance around him.

How are you celebrating the holidays? At home or away?

Ps. If you see Christmas, can you tell him to go home? It's not the same without him.


Eebs said...

Maybe the Grinch stole Christmas. It's been known to happen.

ET said...

... or maybe you mum packed it up for the train trip>