Friday, December 08, 2006

In the pages of a magazine, 2

Dear Marc, yesterday, in a fit of curiosity, I bought Vogue Living. It's not representative of my kind of decorating ideal (too well behaved and chintzy), but I wanted to see J Lo's house and take a peek at Marc Anthony's greek antiquities.

Browsing the pages, I came across a section where IMPORTANT PEOPLE shared their favorite net sites. Actress Lou Doillon shops at for oak clad fridges.

"I get so bored with the shape of fridges", sighs Doillon.

I'd love to spend a day with this interesting person!

-How are you today Lou?

-Horrible, but thanks for asking! The toaster is so upsetting! The shape of it!

-It's just a toaster, honey. They look like that.

-Yes, but they don't have to! They bore me! Bring me an oaked toaster! And the stove! It's...mediocre. It irks me. Perhaps with some oak, it would look OK.

The magazine is worth buying not only because of Lou, but also because Princess Olga of Greece tells you about the world's greatest museums and there's also an amazing picture of writer Joan Juliet Buck. It looks just like a fashion plate, but it's a pic from the writer's early years as a journalist. You can see her adjusting her Ossie Clark dress, standing on her bed in a Paris hotel room. Her 70's version of the laptop - a travel typewriter, is resting on the bed next to a nice tray with tea or coffee, it's a little hard to see. She's the glamorous writer I'll never be, but will always dream of becoming.

Today is a great day. A is coming back home from London and I'llget to see him for a little while before I'm off to enjoy a traditional JULBORD(Christmas buffet) with friends at Pontus by the Sea.


Anonymous said...

hehehe. i love your site. cheers from belgium

Portillon said...

ohh. I adore Lou! must look that up.

Anshuman said...

Poor Lou, she must be bored with the present. Your post reminded me of this

- Anshuman