Friday, December 22, 2006

For your mother or aunt

The icon with delighted off-spring, now co-author.

Dear Marc, have you seen all those lovely ladies in their 60's, wearing pants a little on the short side, strutting about with short dark hair, flats and boat neck sweaters?

In wintertime, they invariably shift to romantic coats or voluminous capes, sometimes with a little fur lining (faux or real). I've seen them walking the winter streets in groups, like a school of manta rays with the fabric floating around them in the air.

I love these ladies, and if you ask yourself where they get their fashion sense, let me enlighten you. These ladies were impressionable teens when Audrey Hepburn rose to stardom. She is forever their guru and shining star. No matter that the ladies I'm talking about are no longer 18 year old skinny skinny dancers. They're pushing 60, sometimes 65 or 70, but they know a style they love and for the love of God, they will wear it. And they should.

This is what to give them for the Holidays.



misshoax said...

who else to take inspiration from? there was nobody better...

happy holidays!

Lola is Beauty said...

I have that book! It's incredible! Oh, I love Audrey so...Merry Christmas Emi, look forward to welcoming you to London xx

Thomas said...

Someone should write the restaraunts know, Hepburn, Nick Cave, Jane Austen. Have you read 'the raw and the cooked', by Jim Harrison? Sooooooooo good.

alice-chan said...

i dress just like one of those old women and i am 16. it never went over very well with classmates... especially when my hair was much shorter. silly people have told me i looked and dressed like the teachers

denise said...

emi, i always liked to dress like that, i still do. actually today im wearing a LBD as audrew used. the only problem i faced was get the atention of much older man. when i was in the college, and i was 17, man 30 plus got in love with me, now that im 30, 45 or 50 plus man fell in love. never in my age.... its a sign od taste or what?


dr denise from brasil