Monday, December 11, 2006

Found: Christmas

Dear Marc, I found Christmas up in the attic. It wasn't that hard to loose, since our entire supply of Yuletide decorations consists merely of the menagerie above.

Last night as I put Vanja to bed, she looked at me and said solemnly:

"Mom, I've found Jesus."

As a modern day agnostic, I try to handle this heavy news in a responsible way. No reason for alarm. She may be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or whatever, as long as she's happy. I say "Really, tell me more, honey".

"He was under the pillow the whole time". I'm puzzled by her words. What does she mean? That God is in the details? That he's under the pillow and comes to her in her dreams while she's sleeping?

She unfolds her hand, to reveal little baby Jesus from the creche. If only God was so easy to find in real life. I understand that to some people he is.

Good night, have some important matters to attend to in the bedroom. You may interpret that however you'd like sir.

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denise said...

im so happy that vanja found Him!!!