Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My point, exactly

Dear Marc, today I was walking around a big department store with A. We even saw a personal shopper and his most recent protege. The person who had money but lacked style looked like he was really in need of help. His upper and lower body had their own individual style and proportions. Skinny, skinny legs clad in too-short, colourful trousers, while the upperbody was dressed in a classic, graphite suit jacket. The neck was so thick, it seemed to belong to a different person altogether.

We tried not to stare, but couldn't help it. Anders summed it up best as he concluded:
"Ah, yet another fashion Frankenstein. Body parts and styles from different people brought together on one body, fighting to stay alive."

I know I shouldn't laugh at the fashion Frankensteins of the world. As we laughed at the man, I myself had 3-4 cold sores, my hair was dyed more than a few shades too dark and I was only wearing promotional clothes given to me by others. My glasses are old and tired and I wasn't wearing any makeup. Besides, there was baby snot and a little mashed banana on my jeans. So I should not really be passing judgment on others. But nobody's perfect.

Must go pack more boxes, we're moving on Friday.


denise said...

dear emi,

i know what mean judging the others and dont care about us.in brazil we have a saying that says dont trow away rocks in your neighbor roof if your own roof is glass made. but we do it all the time, the bible says it u see a litje thing in somebody else eyes and u cant notice thats a big one in your own eye (sorry sometines i dont know say some things in english...)

good moving for u, be very very happy in your new house!!! god bless u all

Dr. Denise

Eebs said...

Dr., the saying is "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

Can't help you with the Bible, though. ;)

Dandy said...

The tragic part, it seems to me, is that the poor bastard can afford a personal shopper and still looks like shit. The only excuse would be that he won the lottery the day before.