Saturday, January 14, 2006

Today was such a good day

Dear Marc, don't you just love it when something you NEVER EVER thought would happen suddenly happens to you?

That happened to me today. A lady in the supermarket turns to me and says (without the slightest hint of sarcasm in her voice):"since you're so tall, would you mind helping me reach the bay leaves up there on the shelf?."

Anyone who knows me will look at me with disbelief when I tell this story.
But you don't so I can happily continue.
I'm a very small person. I'm the size of an average child. I'm the size of those extinct people found on the island of Flores in Indonesia. There's a reason they're extinct. People my size have to watch out, we're easily squashed by bigger people walking by. Who won't even notice the squashing.

Anyways, this lovely person of average height, asked me for help.
In my joy and excitement, I stretched out for humanity and managed to touch the base of the bay leaf packages in such a successful way that two packages tumbled to the floor.

I gave them to the lady and sang all the way home. What unexpected queries for help did you receive today?

Tall greetings

ps. Attaching pic of me and other small people (pic snapped today). If the children were standing up, you would see that we're all the same height.


Anonymous said...

Do you need them? I'll loan them to you so you can reach the top shelves (and I'll give you the hideous union jack carpet beneath me). I just got these back today from shoe repair, after an unforgettable party foul, and had to photograph them for you because they are beautiful shoes (thanks MJ).

Love, Your Christian Dior friend.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, or maybe you!
Today's entry inspired me to an entry of my own, so thanks for that.

Nazra Z. said...

i understand how you feel..

Anonymous said...

By the way...has anyone ever told you that you resemble Sienna Miller? I would think that would be a compliment to anyone as she is beautiful.

-e said...

It certainly is a compliment and an unexpected one as well! But a welcome one! Thankyou!

Javier Marti said...

I enjoyed that thing about your height. Made me laugh! So you are from Flores Island?! ;)
See my blog too, you may like it

Viktorov said...

I have a thing for old ladies. Not anything kinky, I just find them almost irresistibly cute. I don't get the "could you please help me reach that item on the top shelf"-line all thet often, even though I'm 6'4 and I frequent supermarkets. Maybe I look intimidating? Help me get in touch with old, short ladies.