Sunday, January 08, 2006

Romantic Roosters and little old ladies

Dear Marc, did you ever see such a playful osteopath? Is she celebrating that Christmas is here or that it's over? Here, we're celebrating ourselves. The smell of cookies is still fresh, lingering in the air. We used cookie cutters in the shapes of hearts and roosters.

After using mostly hearts, Vanja looks down and declares: Look mom, it's a sea of love.
Then she put rooster shapes in the hearts.

"Those roosters are getting married."

We're writing letters to my grandmother. She's turning 90 this year. I have to thank her for the movie vouchers she sent for Christmas.

She does so every year. I write the thankyou note just as often.
How boring, you may think, but one year it was not so dull.

It was back in -01.
That year she was ill, spending Christmas in a hospital. I decided to dress up the thank you note with chocolate and precious tea. The little note was transformed into a bulky envelope. I was late for work and simply penned grandma's address on the package and put it in the mail.

She didn't call. How ungrateful. Especially for a lady of her generation, the essence of gratefulness.

After a while, I called her, having spent a lot of money on that chocolate.

Grandma is clue less. She doesn't know what package I'm talking about. Then, all of a sudden she comes out of the fog:

-"OH that package! The one that smells so good in the closet? That was from you? But you didn't put your name on it."

-"No, I was short of time and.."
-"You really should have. In those times, you should have. I'm already ill. Anthrax would not have helped it any".

Anthrax. How could I forget? So perfect for terrorists targeting presidents, US residents and little old ladies in the Swedish countryside.

Need not be afraid Marc, the letters I send contain only friendly writing. And sometimes, if you're lucky, chocolate and tea.

-your e.


Marcel Goldblatt said...

well, you can at least say you sent the chocolates. This was much better than what i did for my grandmother 92, I signed a postcard that my sister wrote while she visited me in geneva, so not even that nice of a town. I MUST buy her something great for my return in two weeks.

Marcel Goldblatt said...

Oh and I forgot, to say, damn you are quite the celebrity, as I got through to your website through the WOW report only two posts after you started. I just would like to say that I quite enjoy reading it. As a man who just based the girl of his dreams on the shoes she owns. I say love to you.

denise said...

dear emi,

u make my days cheerfull!! u put love in the more casual things and make them look special! who doesnt have a grangma old and sick and we dont know what give her for xmas? my grandma loves toiletry stuff and my grandpa thinks he is a vey young surfer (he is 85)so loves to get loves surfer shorts...

like the other guy said, i love u too, im my way, in a very hetero and faithfull way (to my handsome husband, but i do.

from very warm brazil

Dr. Denise