Sunday, January 08, 2006

Looking at me looking at you looking at me

Dear Marc, here's a link to a Swedish article about this blog.
Yes, a link out that links back here.
It's like looking in that neck mirror at the hair dresser's.
A mirror that you look at in a mirror.
A visual boomerang.



Dedra Wolff said...

Oh E, please post a translation to the article. After "favoritdesigner" and "picked up in college" I'm lost.

Eebs said...

Ooh, "visual boomerang." Can I steal that for a poem?

Lonnie Bruner said...

I speak online Swedish. This is what it says:

"Emi Gunér: Hommagebloggare

Before this Darling-skribenten Emi Gunér has since some months back Sweden's perhaps most välskrivna blogg, that also is a hommage to her favourite designs, Marc Jacob's. On Lettishes' taking Marc Jacob's, she divides with itself of details from their everyday existence. Unfortunately, Marc has, so far, not wrote back.

We begin from the start; one can say that you belong to the first generation as trained themselves to programmers va?
- Nja, trained programmer each I never. I went on colleges in USA and took a combined diploma in östasienkunskap and datagrafik. Moreover, I got university point stem ridning and barrels. I do not know really what I had intended myself that the willed give for jobs. When I came home to Sweden the needed people on a new place as been called spray. 1995 each html not so sophisticated. And the connection each so slow that I had stickning with me to the job in order to have some to do in väntan on that the sides willed be loaded. Since began I to type for Darling, the had their rode campaign meetings on spray. There, I programmed nothing, but I had an own homepage. Nowadays, I am copywriter and translators. I translated for example Bea Uusma Schyfferts Astronauten that might not land to English for some years since. The won recently a price from American physics teacher association.

How many Marc Jacobs-plagg may you?
- two pairs trudge, a dress and a footwear gold coloured Mimmi Pigg-skor with white rosetter. But the is not so important for me as man perhaps believes. Bloggen acts more about dammsugare and terrace houses than about Marc Jacob's collections.

Has you some presentiment about whether Marc knows to bloggen?
- I believe that he knows to the. The world is to sow small. I know that some from his fashion houses, LVMH, has been in and read. The can have been receptionisten, the can have been Marc. I can think that I have painted in myself in a corner since I only can turn me to Marc, that never replies. Now when the is over 70 letters begins the to become little psycho. Perhaps is gooder with some less personal as the Lettishes' taking pal&Pyret."

Ida said...

Du har absolut den mest välskrivna och bästa blogeen!

denise said...

u are so famous, already!!
i can predict that in a litle while marcs will be begging to u write to him and u will be tooooo busy.... probably u will be more famous than him... u will be a brand, a very authenthic and home hearth brand, with a line of gingerbread houses, swidish chocolates and everithing that reminds u1 u will be the most wanted gift on

from the bottom of my hearth

from terrible hot of brazil