Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It sucks

Dear Marc, what's your favorite snack? I think mine may very well be the Swedish delicacy known as the Dammsugare. It's a cute little thing, in wonderful green and chocolate brown. They say it's made from leftovers in the bakery, who knows.

Dammsugare translates to vacuum cleaner and as you can tell from this picture, the resemblance is there, although it's far from overwhelming.

I often dream of dressing as my favorite snack, with brown shoes, green dress and a brown hat. But as favorite day dreams are best left unrealized, I have refrained from dressing up like a pastry. Right now, however, dressed in brown velvet I feel I look every bit like the piece of chocolate my daughter likened me to this morning.

I wonder what your favorite food is and if you ever tried to dress like it. Perhaps you were really trying to tell us something with that pig outfit. I think you would also look great as a steak sandwich.

I wish more people dressed like their favorite food. Such a nifty conversation starter. "I can't believe you're also mad about Tripes!" Beats message t-shirts anyday.

I have purchased more than one dress in that perfect Dammsugare nuance, as a tribute to cleaning's best friend. We should all treat our vacuumers well. At least better than my dad, who once tried cleaning out the coals of our open fire. They were all burned out, or at least he thought so until he had started a fire in the belly of our household appliance. Turns out the coals picked up the oxygen from the air sucked in from vacuuming.

Don't try this at home.

ps. Attaching a picture of Dammsugare in their natural habitat. Hunt them down with a fork.

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みっちゃん said...

That looks so delicious! What gives it the green coloring? In this part of the world, (Taiwan/Japan at least, things of that color usually has green tea in it.