Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Overheard in Stockholm

Dear Marc, don't you just love Overheard in NY? I really do. I love eavesdropping in general. Walking with a stroller is such a great excuse to listen in on other people's conversations. Nobody thinks you're listening, they think you're focused on the baby. What's to focus on when the baby's sleeping?

The other day, I overheard this puzzling snippet:

-It was a dead man.
-A dead man?
-No a dead donkey.

I still wonder what information came before and after the very moment I caught. What was the build up for the confusion between man and donkey? Why were they dead?

What did you overhear today?
Curious greetings

ps. This season is the worst though, eavesdropping wise. Earflaps make it impossible to hear the important musings of strangers.


Moz said...

Yesterday, when I was standing in line at my local sushi restaurant, I overheard a pretty absurd discussion. Three colleagues (not mine) were talking about a remote acquaintance who had left her man for another woman. The weird part was that the abandoned man and his ex-woman still lived together, with the new woman, which means that they are living in a sort of permanent threesome.

That is exactly the kind of overhearing that ensures that you are not able to continue reading the articles you were reading a minute ago.

Gez said...

Hi e

I was at a dinner party seated near a friend who I have NEVER heard speak in front of a group of people before. Just before dessert he leant over to his partner. I desperately craned over to hear what he would say.

He said "Wormwood".